Performance Coaching - why as performing artists we need it

In our training as professional artists, it’s all about mastery of our instrument, or the honing of our skill as a dancer, actor, conductor, composer, director. We are coached to be technically brilliant, but we are rarely shown how to manage our thoughts, how to be and remain totally in the zone and in the moment, how to remain calm and focussed during performance, no matter what is going on in our daily lives.

As a professional musician I have been there and on this week's blog I will be talking about the things that typically get in our way and what we can do to thrive as performers.

How much do you love what you are doing?

When you turn your passion into a career, you can begin to lose sight and sense of why you are here, when things get tough. This is of course especially relevant at the moment, with professional lives on hold until live music and theatre returns. With coaching you can be helped to recalibrate, to deal with the here and now, to prepare yourself mentally to be ready to return and deal with the change back to ‘normal life’. Most importantly, to enjoy and rediscover your passion and allow your creativity to flourish once more.

Are you suffering from injuries that are holding you back?

Many performing artists will at some point suffer an injury, which most often stems from tension and some form of stress. The tension in your mind, manifests in to the body. The mind-body connection is so evident. When we look at what is going on in the mind and brain, we can begin to understand and make the changes needed to reset and set up new behaviours, to allow our physical bodies to start healing. I have helped many artists to understand the root cause of their injury and coached them back to full health.

How much of your potential do you believe you are using?

I am totally fascinated (ok, obsessed!) by potential and what it means to reach for your full potential, if it even exists: maybe our potential is unlimited and if so, what are possibilities and what sort of world would it open for you? Just think about that for a moment! After-all, how do you know when you have reached your full potential? Statistics widely report that a person at the very top of their game (in any profession) will typically be using around 20% of their potential …. wow! I find that mind-blowing and wonder even what difference it would make to a person if we decided to increase it by even 5%? 10%? or double it? or (let’s be daring) what if it was INFINITE!

Think of top athletes who are constantly breaking world records, year on year – they always have more to give, always exceeding expectations.

It’s so much about our own expectations and beliefs about ourselves. Often, we hold on to limiting beliefs about the extent of our abilities, no matter what level we are performing at.

I love freeing people up to reach for their true and full potential, by using a combination of coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and creative visualisation to bring about long and lasting change, and to give you tools you can use for life. Wherever you are on that journey, I can coach you to feel free to allow your creativity and energy to flow and help you take the next steps to reach the next level in your performance and beyond!

Check out the rest of my website and contact me for a free chat to learn more about how I can help you.

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