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Performance Mindset Coaching

Do you want to be able to easily perform at your best under pressure?

Reach for more of your potential, no matter where you are right now?

Turbo charge your motivation?

Be entirely focussed and disciplined?

Learn how to Harness your ENJOYMENT, fulfilment and achieve the greatest impact in your life.

I can help you!

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I work with people in all areas of the performing arts, public speaking, business leaders, sports people and anyone who would like to take their game to the next level but feels that there’s something holding them back.


Using a combination of hypnotherapy, mindset training, NLP and life coaching custom designed for each individual, I will show you how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs, toxic thought patterns. I will help you replace them with new habits that will give you deep and lasting fulfilment, by retraining and rewiring your brain, setting up authentic, lifelong patterns of thoughts, behaviours, actions that bring you to a new level of success and deep satisfaction. The ripple effect of this will permeate into all areas of your life.


We human beings have the greatest capacity to develop, adapt and change and yet we can. So easily get stuck in patterns of behaviour that means our belief system tells us that we have reached our limits. This is not true!

If you knew that despite being successful in your chosen path, you were only using on average 20% of your potential, what would you want to do with an additional 20%, 40%, 60 or even 80%?!!!!

Want to find out? Get in touch!

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